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Your personal health, weight, fitness, work, family, & life goals ARE attainable!

I want to help you transform your life … I want to help you transform your life inside and out, like mine has! This happened for me when I started tuning into my natural mind-body connection that is innate in all of us. You CAN create a balance in your life!

Together we will find what foods help balance all aspects of YOUR body. We will work together step by step to shift how you nourish & fuel your body by including more & more real, whole foods, finding how best you can fit in regular physical activity to support you mentally, physically, & emotionally, and also work together to help you reconnect with your natural intuition – to start to release any limiting beliefs you may have, alleviate stress, find your innate state of calm & ease, and begin to really connect the full circle that creates a balance in your entire life.

The results I have achieved by committing to myself have brought me the best health of my life so far, the weight I feel best at, and inner peace that I never thought was possible for me. I also now have tools for when being human comes largely into play, and I need to bring myself back into peace. It’s incredible to stand in the power of inner peace within all of life’s situations. I want to help you begin to transform all areas of your life and start living a life more & more on purpose!

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I have been there with digestive issues, eating my way through varying fad diets, dealing with awful allergies, feeling physically, mentally, emotionally pretty crappy the majority of the time ... and continually searching for answers and fixes outside of myself.

What I learned is that by going inside, becoming more & more deeply aware / conscious / mindful every moment of every day ... from my own studies & through shamanic practices ... everything starts to shift for the better.

I didn’t reach & exceed my health and weight goals until I shifted into basing my self trust, self worth, & inner value on my heart … actually sensing, feeling, & knowing who I am … that’s where the shift happened for me. learning to hear my highest self, how to listen to my intuition, always living & making decisions from that space.

That’s the place where your eating, weight, relationships, & life can start to really heal … because it’s all connected!


1:1 Clean Up Your Eating, Heal Your Life Health Coaching Programs

In the health scene right now, it is a rare opportunity to have the full support of a Health Coach, in a program that is completely personalized for you.
During your tailored program, we will walk together side by side, step by step to create transformations in both your outer & inner worlds, and put you on the path toward your ideal health.
By the time we're done you'll...
  • have confidence in your food choices & feel more secure in your body
  •  be more mindful, present & in tune with your body's intuitive eating, so that you no longer go into the sugar at 9pm
  • be well on your way to your weight loss goal
  • feel more physically balanced, more overall life balance, less stress & overwhelm, so that you can respond to situations from a place of power instead of simply knee jerk reacting

Hear about Heather's experience with 1:1 coaching!


1:1 Client Testimonials

Beverly E.

"The biggest tangible change I've noticed since beginning the program has been feeling more at ease and balanced. The most significant overall change has been feeling less extreme highs & lows during the day, more energy, clearer skin, and greater ability to be present. As a coach, I would describe Meghan as extremely intuitive, knowledgeable, real, and awesome! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to make small changes in their life with big results."

Nicholas A.

"Meghan is a perfect personal trainer. She is always professional and is always ready to listen about anything and everything affecting your physical and mental health. With her personal and individually crafted workouts and expertise, I have lost 70 pounds, reversed my high blood pressure, and lowered my high cholesterol. Her workouts were both tailored to meet my needs and accommodate my physical limitations while providing maximum fat loss and strength building. She is everything you could ever want in a personal trainer


"I feel like I have a much better understanding of what to eat to fuel my body and maintain a healthy weight. I have much more confidence knowing what to choose in a grocery store, restaurant, and home. I have also learned not to feel guilty when taking care of my needs and wants. It is ok to take time out and recenter, relax, meditate, or read a book. My clothes are fitting better. My body has more energy. I feel less bloated. My stomach and intestines are much more settled. I'm still working on a morning routine. I'm not going to give up on it. I know it will really help me feel more relaxed and in control of my day to start out in a healthy place physically and mentally."

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Sustainable, Guilt-Free Eating Online Course

A self-propelled, sustainable method to clean up your life with food & mindfulness

This is for you if you feel ready to shift from no control over food into healthier habits, are open & willing to tap into yourself & start practicing mindfulness around food, and are ready to start feeling confident with your food choices & your body, stop feeling decision fatigue around what to eat, and start feeling empowered about your health!


Little Life Changes

More fun, individual sessions to gently shift & brighten your life, one little change at a time.

  • Food Talks
  • Intuitive Talks
  • Channeled Energy Breath(work) Sessions
  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Pantry & Fridge Sessions

Did you know that I've published a book?

It's called 30 Little Thoughts ...

And it’s a collection of thoughts about topics and ideas … little things to think about to make every day brighter!

Do you need more balance in your life?

More alignment, more pauses to respond instead of just reacting, more little bursts of joy?


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