About Me

Hi, I'm Meghan

There was a moment in my life where I was sobbing on the bathroom floor of a summer rental condo feeling hopeless, totally over it, and wondering if there was a point to literally anything in my life…I had felt “done” before, but this was probably the biggest pivot point when I knew things must change.

I reached out to a “Peak Performance Coach” for what I thought would just be help & clarity for my orchestra career stuff, and what he assigned me opened me WIDE up to begin reading, learning, searching, finding, craving, seeking greater & greater balance in my life…in everything seen & unseen. Consciously becoming more and more aware that what I eat, how I exercise & treat my body, and what I pay attention to mentally/emotionally/spiritually are ALL connected, literally changed and saved my life…across the board in every way.

The indescribable transformations in my life that have continued to blow my mind, span everything from improved energy levels, way more balanced mood, clear skin, improved allergies, ideal weight for my body, no more constant bloating, healthy digestive system, etc…and honestly, an internal sense of balance, peace, and self-value that I never knew was actually attainable for me.

By increasing my awareness and consciously eating, exercising, and communicating with my intuition more & more on purpose, my life has completely changed for the better…from my overall health, to my weight, to my skin, to my moods, to my inner sense of balance, peace, ease, & calm – and it can do the same for you!

Ways to work with me

By the time we're done you'll...
  • have confidence in your food choices & feel more secure in your body
  •  be more mindful, present & in tune with your body's intuitive eating, so that you no longer go into the sugar at 9pm
  • be well on the way to your weight loss goal
  • feel more physically balanced, more overall life balance, less stress & overwhelm, so that you can respond to situations from a place of power instead of simply knee jerk reacting
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This course is for you if you
  • feel ready to shift from no control over food into healthier habits
  • are open & willing to tap into yourself and start practicing mindfulness around food
  • are ready to start feeling confident with your food choices & your body, stop feeling decision fatigue around what to eat, and start feeling empowered about your health





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  •  Do you feel lack confidence and feel insecure in your body & your food choices?
  • Do you want to stop leaning on sugar to get you through the day or to make you feel better?
  • Would you love to have way less overwhelm, worry, stress, discontent, and imbalance in your life?






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