Clients share their transformations and how they're growing & thriving!

 I’m more in touch with myself and figuring out what shifts I can make that are best for me in the moment. Whether it’s emotional/mental or food related I find I’m able to tune in to myself in a way that I haven’t before.

~ Tia, 40 Day Reset Group member

The biggest tangible change I've noticed is my confidence around eating clean, healthy food. You've demystified a lot about nutrition for me and I feel much more comfortable making good food choices. That mixed with the simple encouragement to drink more water has my skin glowing, my digestion feeling good, and some pounds dropping ...

... The most significant overall change is my ability to feel present and calm and peaceful, even during hard times. I feel much less anxious and worried and trapped in the past and considerably more grounded and able to set myself up for the future.

~ McKenzie, 40 Day Reset Group member


Phallyn shed the weight and created a sustainable lifestyle that makes her feel great!


Her top 3 goals going into her 1:1 health coaching program were: Eating cleaner, losing weight, feeling better

“This program helped me become more mindful around my food choices by helping me understand portion sizes and learning how to read food packaging labels. The pantry session was a huge game changer! For years my weight wouldn’t budge no matter what diet I tried. Meghan helped me to realize it’s not just about the food. She helped me unpack all the emotional baggage I was holding onto that was preventing me from losing the weight. Her program is a full mind and body approach that works!

My life has completely shifted. As I released the things that were no longer serving me with Meghan’s help, I was able to shed the weight and create a sustainable lifestyle that makes me feel great!

I became an accidental 90% vegan! Because I became more aware of how the things I was eating made me feel, I realized that animal protein was making me feel so sluggish and emotional. Now I’m mostly vegan and it feels AMAZING! This is not to say that Meghan converted me to vegan, that was all me.  She just guided me to help me realize what fueled my body the best. Everyone is different!

Meghan is so supportive and passionate about helping you become the best version of you! 

I would recommend Meghan to anyone ready to create a lifestyle that truly supports you in becoming the best version of you on the inside and out!

“It has been incredible and life changing in the best way to work with you. Comparing who I am now versus who I was when I started, I feel like I don’t even recognize who I used to be, in a good way! I love who I have become since beginning my journey with you. I feel like every part of my journey with you happened for a reason. It was what I needed when I needed it. The breath work sessions that you’ve recently started doing are absolutely amazing and so powerful. I would’ve loved to do more of those earlier in my sessions.”

~  Phallyn


Nicole is 20 pounds lighter

"Months ago, I decided enough was enough and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I bought an elliptical off good ol’ Facebook marketplace and attempted to change my eating habits. I realized I looked forward to my workouts for mainly my own mental health. Workout goals of 3 days/wk turned into 5 and then to 6 or 7. Then I met @wellness_on_purpose Meghan Jones, who listened to me, vibed with me, and taught me invaluable advice about the food we put in our bodies. Here I am today, 20 pounds lighter, with a garage home gym, and an all around better mindset. 6 months ago, you couldn’t tell this fried pickle (with ranch) eating girl a damn thing about working out or eating. I haven’t hit my “goal” yet, but I am getting there, however long that takes me!"

~ Nicole


Natalie feels completely confident in the ways that she knows how to honor her goals and her body

“Taking a second to gush about my nutritionist and wellness coach, Meghan Jones!! These two photos are about 16 months apart. I’m mentally ok in both. In the image on the left, I felt like I was struggling so much more with my energy levels and mental clarity. I had to force smiles out because I was just exhausted all the time. And I LOVE to smile! Fast forward to this past March, I began a beautiful, uplifting, supportive, and inspiring relationship with Meghan, who’s helped me gain a much better understanding of my body, mind, soul, and their needs. Choosing to invest in myself wasn’t a matter of losing weight or looking better. It was about FEELING better, stronger, happier, and able to make food work for me (not the other way around). To anyone out there teetering back and forth between investing in your overall well-being or pushing through your lethargy, I highly encourage you to reach out to Meghan, even if it’s just an initial consultation. And all of my work with her has been virtual, so reach out even if you’re on the other side of the planet! Meghan, thank you for giving me myself back!"

~ Natalie


Heather found the confidence and courage needed to succeed, and is ready to level up

"I sought Meghan's coaching because I was looking for alternatives to meat and alcohol, both of which I'd begun avoiding on weekdays. Little did I know she'd give me so much more! I had little faith of losing the last 7-10 pounds I'd been struggling with for two years, but she helped me achieve my goal weight within a month! Even during holidays, travel, social gatherings, adn a birthday--at an age that we're told is nearly impossible to lose weight. She gave me invaluable assistance with my acting career by helping me prepare for a big audition (which I nailed!), and finding the confidence and courage needed to succeed. With Meghan's dynamic coaching, I'm ready to level up! I feel like the biggest thing I've gained is my approach to food. I thought I was doing everything right, but was frustrated because I couldn't achieve my weight loss goal. Meghan easily spotted those areas where I could make small but meaningful changes, and they were easy to adopt! And I feel so much better knowing that my diet is so much cleaner and healthier! Oh, and I meet my water-drinking requirements!"

~ Heather


Jill focused on HEALTH & not just weight loss

"...the main thing that has helped me is AWARENESS! Awareness of what I'm eating, what ingredients food contain, making educated food decisions, etc. I am beginning to ENJOY veggies! I've branched out and have tried many new foods. I would describe my coach Meghan as THE BEST! She's supportive, encouraging, supportive, understanding, firm, and resourceful to find things to work for me. I would recommend this to anybody who is willing to make changes, even if they do so stubbornly :) I have tried many programs and diets in my 54 years. Working with Meghan has been the first time I've focused on HEALTH, and not just weight loss. Not once did I go into "diet mode" in the past 3 months. The things I would have loved more of in my program are...if I'd moved in with Meghan for 3 months? :) "

~ Jill


Beverly gained greater awareness of how water/food effect her mood, self-esteem, & reactions

"The biggest tangible change I've noticed since beginning the program has been feeling more at ease and balanced. The most significant overall change has been feeling less extreme highs & lows during the day, more energy, clearer skin, and greater ability to be present. As a coach, I would describe Meghan as extremely intuitive, knowledgeable, real, and awesome! I would recommend her to anyone wanting to make small changes in their life with big results."

~ Beverly


Roberta shifted her palate & food desires

"My palate and food desires have shifted as well as my thought processes about food. There is an increased awareness of what I eat and how I feel both physically and mentally as a result."

~ Roberta


Betsy learned to make time for herself

"I began training with Meghan in my mid-40's at a time in my life when I had little kids and a high stress job, and my body was suffering. She started me on the road to a healthier lifestyle where I learned to make time for myself. Meghan is an incredibly supportive trainer and was always there with ideas for helping me with whatever I was dealing with, from diet to exercise to general health issues. I felt like she was working for me, even when I wasn't there training. Nice to have someone that dedicated on your side...😉 "

~  Betsy


Nick lost 70 pounds

"Meghan is a perfect personal trainer. She is always professional and is always ready to listen about anything and everything affecting your physical and mental health. With her personal and individually crafted workouts and expertise, I have lost 70 pounds, reversed my high blood pressure, and lowered my high cholesterol. Her workouts were both tailored to meet my needs and accommodate my physical limitations while providing maximum fat loss and strength building. She is everything you could ever want in a personal trainer."

~  Nicholas


Solveig's now cooking quick & healthy meals and having a variety to choose from (or pull together from leftovers in the fridge)

“The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning my program is that I have noticed a decrease in wanting to snack on junk food in the afternoon / at night, as the meals that I’m eating are able to sustain me for a longer period of time. I feel like the biggest thing I’ve gained is a level of awareness of my mental and emotional wellbeing. This has allowed me to be more mindful and centered throughout my day and re-enter this place of being grounded whenever I begin to feel stressed or am in difficult situations. This awareness has also given me tools to be able to meet my own needs, whether it be making decisions of myself instead of for others, or giving myself the rest and self-care that I need. I generally feel more at peace with who I am, which has allowed me confidence in situations where I usually doubt myself, such as performing or meeting new people.”

~ Solveig


Food is no longer MJ's go to means of coping with emotional situations & stress

"As a health coach Meghan is very supportive, encouraging, helpful, creative, positive, nonjudgemental, and enthusiastic about my progress...a partner in helping me reach my goals. I feel I can discuss anything with her and she will listen and respond with suggestions, or will do research to answer my questions. She walks with me through problem areas to help me find solutions. I have made so many changes over the past 6 months in the foods I eat, my shopping habits, my cooking, and willingness to try new recipes. I have greatly increased my water intake, decreased my caffeine intake, and almost eliminated my craving for sweets. My shopping and meal planning have definitely changed over the past 6 months. It was good to have a coach guide me through this program in so many aspects that encourage accountability. I feel better and I feel in control of my eating. Food (especially refined sugar) is no longer my "go to" means of coping with emotional situations and stress. I think the integrative health coaching program is excellent in helping a person gain control of eating habits thereby helping gain a positive mindset, enabling the person to make healthier lifestyle choices. The process of sessions with Meghan, filling out the forms (Revisit Forms, Food Diary, Circle of Life, etc.) all promote accountability."

~ MJ


Jenni has much more confidence knowing what to choose in a grocery store, restaurant, & home

"I feel like I have a much better understanding of what to eat to fuel my body and maintain a healthy weight. I have much more confidence knowing what to choose in a grocery store, restaurant, and home. I have also learned not to feel guilty when taking care of my needs and wants. It is ok to take time out and recenter, relax, meditate, or read a book. My clothes are fitting better. My body has more energy. I feel less bloated. My stomach and intestines are much more settled. I'm still working on a morning routine. I'm not going to give up on it. I know it will really help me feel more relaxed and in control of my day to start out in a healthy place physically and mentally."

~ Jenni


Cheney has started to love & trust herself again

"I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing Meghan for over a year now and the transformation I have gone through is incredible. I have this sense of calm that I haven’t felt in a very long time. Before meeting Meghan, I felt lost. I was going through life without a real direction or purpose. Almost like I was letting life happen to me and carrying it around on my shoulders. In this past year she has taught me how to become more intentional and mindful in my everyday life. I have begun to trust and love myself again, because of the love and support I have been given by Meghan. I no longer let life pass me by and I have been able to let go of some past trauma. I have started to enjoy the quiet moments I have to myself and my cup of lemon water first thing in the morning. I stop and take deep breaths, I look up while I’m walking, instead of down, I thank my random little thoughts when they pop into my head and I have embraced my new role in life, all because of Meghan. Her love is everything and I am grateful everyday to call her my friend."

~  Cheney




Robin's triglycerides are at the best levels in 3 years

“I hired Meghan as a health coach after participating in a 4-week class she led. Through that class I experienced how effective she is at helping me make changes to my lifestyle that make me healthier and happier. Meghan's approach to health coaching is very well-rounded. She always considers the mental and emotional components of making changes, recognizing how those factors can be the real stumbling blocks. The result I am most proud of is that I have virtually eliminated the use of artificial sweeteners. When Meghan and I started working together, I used 10-15 servings of Splenda each and every day. By learning to drink unsweetened ice tea and switching to Monk Fruit for sweetening coffee, oatmeal and yogurt, I have eliminated Splenda from my daily diet. I have also significantly reduced the use of sugar by substituting maple syrup and coconut sugar. My cravings for sweets are now infrequent instead of everyday. And my elimination system is operating much more efficiently. I think of Meghan's advice and encouragement multiple times a day. I "hear her voice" when I am deciding if I have time and energy to exercise. I "hear her voice" when I decided to sauté spinach to have with my egg for breakfast - vegetables at every meal. I "hear her voice" when I need to remember to be kind to myself when I make a "less than healthiest" choice regarding food or physical activity.”

~  Robin



Kristi stopped focusing on Human Doing, and remembered she's a Human Being.

Kristi shared that this program helped her work towards her top 3 goals of simplifying food / food prep to use time for things that bring her joy, learning more TRX / core work to help her body, and stopping a few unhealthy things she felt were no longer serving her ... primarily alcohol, but mostly she feels an increased awareness that everything is connected.

"By understanding this, I stopped focusing on Human Doing, and I remembered I'm a Human Being. My worth is not defined by the things I do. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program is that I don't care to allow guilt into my life. I don't care, which has made me a more loving person. I don't care about crap foods or alcohol. I don't care about the number on a scale or tag in clothes. I don't care about others' perceptions of me because those things don't define me. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been that I feel an incredible amount of peace and pure joy! I went from self-conscious to self-confidence! I would describe my coach Meghan as a soul sister! A friend, a mentor, a shaman ... she listened, really listens and hears me if I need a nudge or redirection. She was so kind but direct. She is funny and so genuine. She always had the perfect message, and was more attentive than I expected, and that's because she is good at what she does, and truly cares. I would recommend Meghan to anyone tired of their own bullshit!! So, everyone! It was far more about mindset than anything."

~  Kristi


Juliette successfully supported her system while preparing for an audition during IVF and covid

During her custom, mini health coaching program, some of the things she shared that she accomplished are:

" .... mindfully reducing my refined sugar and single carbohydrate intake, adding more veggies to every meal, better meal prep - cooking and freezing larger portions, trying new, healthy products when grocery shopping, paying attention to nutritional content on labels, energy bars are not my friend, I drank 2 full bottles of lemon water per day plus tea, rested like a mofo when I had covid, prepared for an audition during IVF and covid .... "

~  Juliette


Thanks for being there through our bumpiest period - I really feel so much clearer and confident that I can handle whatever comes up now.

~ Tammy

Not only is Meghan extremely well educated in the areas of nutrition & fitness, but she has a natural way of making one feel like they can achieve absolutely anything-and I am doing just that with her by my side!

~ Giana

Meghan is extremely empathetic & helpful. She helps guide me to come up with my own solutions that will benefit my life, My eating has changed for the better, I have energy, feel good, & notice shifts in my body & muscle tone!

~ Linnea

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