Clean Up Your Eating, Clean Up Your Life 1:1 Program

Would you love to FINALLY feel more confident in your body & food choices, and in alignment with your worth & purpose?


~ Do you feel lack confidence and feel insecure in your body & your food choices?

~ Do you want to stop leaning on sugar to get you through the day or to make you feel better?

~ Would you love to have way less overwhelm, worry, stress, discontent, and imbalance in your life?

My name is Meghan, I'm a Holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, a student of Shamanism, and I'm ready to help you! I'm ready to help you balance all of the things in your life.
I've done it, and I know it's in the cards for you as well! In my 3 month Clean Up Your Eating, Clean Up Your Life Program that's exactly what we're going to do.

In the health scene right now, it is a RARE opportunity to have the full attention of a Health Coach for 3 months straight, in a program that is completely personalized for you

If you feel like you need help, like you're doing all of the things, but nothing's working, I have a plan for you! You don't have to do it all on your own...and I am there with you the entire time, every step of your journey!

In this tailored program, we will walk together side by side, step by step to create transformations in both your outer & inner worlds, and put you on the path toward your ideal health.

"Taking a second to gush about my nutritionist and wellness coach, Meghan Jones!! These two photos are about 16 months apart. I’m mentally ok in both In the image on the left, I felt like I was struggling so much more with my energy levels and mental clarity. I had to force smiles out because I was just exhausted all the time. And I LOVE to smile! Fast forward to this past March, I began a beautiful, uplifting, supportive, and inspiring relationship with Meghan, who’s helped me gain a much better understanding of my body, mind, soul, and their needs. Choosing to invest in myself wasn’t a matter of losing weight or looking better. It was about FEELING better, stronger, happier, and able to make food work for me (not the other way around). To anyone out there teetering back and forth between investing in your overall well-being or pushing through your lethargy, I highly encourage you to reach out to Meghan, even if it’s just an initial consultation. And all of my work with her has been virtual, so reach out even if you’re on the other side of the planet! Meghan, thank you for giving me myself back!!"
~ Natalie

"5 months ago, I decided enough was enough and I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I bought an elliptical off good ol’ Facebook marketplace and attempted to change my eating habits. I realized I looked forward to my workouts for mainly my own mental health. Workout goals of 3 days/wk turned into 5 and then to 6 or 7. Then I met Meghan Jones, who listened to me, vibed with me, and taught me invaluable advice about the food we put in our bodies. Here I am today, 20 pounds lighter, with a garage home gym, and an all around better mindset. 6 months ago, you couldn’t tell this fried pickle (with ranch) eating girl a damn thing about working out or eating. I haven’t hit my “goal” yet, but I am getting there, however long that takes me!"

~ Nicole

"I've been working with Meghan at Wellness On Purpose virtually for the last three months, and I've been able to look at my health habits from a different angle as well as change some habits that I've been trying to change for some time...It's crazy to think that when I started this journey, I thought I would only work on small things, like the amount of carbs are in my diet, or how much exercise I'm getting in a given week. But the reality is that we work on the deeper, more lasting factors like being present in my day, and how to recognize when I'm retracing the path of a bad habit.
Now that Meghan and I are working on those factors, the small changes to my diet, sleep, exercise, etc. are coming much easier."

~ Kyle

This Program is for people who are:

~ ready to commit fully to themselves and to their health

~ open & willing to implement personalized recommendations, and take steps to make overall sustainable eating & lifestyle changes

~ ready to start living a life more & more on purpose, and transforming in amazing ways they never imagined possible.

**some things that clients have said they feel proud for accomplishing are - having an all around better mindset, confidence in their body & food choices, achieving their weight loss goals, getting consistent sleep on a regular basis, anxiety levels dropping, feeling better, stronger, happier, that life is more in balance, and so many more!


This Program is NOT for people who:

~ are looking for a one-size-fits-all or a quick fix diet
~ have a serious illness or disease and first need to go seek the advice of a medical doctor
~ are unwilling or unready to commit to themselves to implement changes in their eating and throughout their whole lives

By the time we're done you'll ...

~ have confidence in your food choices & feel more secure in your body
~ be more mindful, present & in tune with your body's intuitive eating, so that you no longer go into the sugar at 9pm, or absentmindedly grab handfuls of chips you don't even like
~ be well on your way to your weight loss goal
~ feel more physically balanced, more overall life balance, less stress & overwhelm, so that you can respond to situations from a place of power instead of simply knee jerk reacting
~ feel very proud of yourself for shifting your life more towards 90% happy with 10% normal life stuff vs. feeling 90% stuck in your life, weight, job, & unhealthy relationships
~ have a deeper overall feeling of internal mental & emotional balance, grace, ease, peace, and calm, so that you are treating & feeding your body from a place of self-love, and coming into alignment with your true self-worth & purpose
Over the 3 months you'll get:
~ My undivided attention during 12 seperate 1:1 video calls with me for 60 minutes each (1 call per week). Having all of these calls with me during this amount of time helps immeasurably in achieving the sustainable changes & results you want
~ 2 or 3 personalized recommendations to play with/work with over the week between calls...this allows plenty of time between calls to implement all the little things you are wanting to work on
~ Session notes after every call to save you time and help you get better results
~ 24/7 email & messaging access to me to ask questions, voice concerns, & celebrate wins! I will answer you within 24 hours
~ Many fun, easy, quick recipes; gifts in the mail applicable to what we discussed; a pantry & fridge session; virtual personal training sessions (optional); and MANY more "little life changes" (listed in the Program Agreement and available to read on my website!)

There was a moment in my life where I was sobbing on the bathroom floor of a summer rental condo feeling hopeless, totally over it, and wondering if there was a point to literally anything in my life...I had felt "done" before, but this was probably the biggest pivot point when I knew things must change.

The work I've done to consciously become more and more aware that what I eat, how I exercise, treat my body, and what I pay attention to mentally/emotionally/spiritually are ALL connected, literally changed my life in every way.

I've experienced transformations in my life that span everything from improved energy, more balanced moods clear skin, ideal weight for my body, no more constant bloating, healthy digestive system, etc...and an internal sense of balance, peace, & self-value that I never knew was actually attainable for me.

 My life has completely changed for the better since implementing the things that I teach in this program, and it can do the same for you! If you're ready for an inner sense of balance, peace, ease, & calm, sign up below and let's get started together ~
*12 coaching calls with me, so you begin feeling more intentional & in control with your eating, your work, health & fitness, and start to create overall balance in your life.
*pantry & fridge session to set your kitchen up for success! (virtual)
*grocery store tour to help you navigate your way toward all of the great foods that become your *new normal*. (virtual)
*recipes ~ fun, healthy versions of new and old favorites for you to try playing with.
*gifts...related to everything we're working on together, from food samples, to things for your office, kitchen gagets, books, etc.
*plus so many more individualized things just for you!
12 weeks / 12 calls 1:1 Health Coaching Program
$2735 total value for $2100
(= $23 per day...the cost of a take out dinner...your health is worth way more than that!)

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"I feel like I have a much better understanding of what to eat to fuel my body and maintain a healthy weight. I have much more confidence knowing what to choose in a grocery store, restaurant, and home. I have also learned not to feel guilty when taking care of my needs and wants. It is ok to take time out and recenter, relax, meditate, or read a book. My clothes are fitting better. My body has more energy. I feel less bloated. My stomach and intestines are much more settled. I'm still working on a morning routine. I'm not going to give up on it. I know it will really help me feel more relaxed and in control of my day to start out in a healthy place physically and mentally."
~ Jenni

Looking forward to working with you!  

I love helping people who feel ready to feel better, dedicated & committed to cleaning up their health! 

Got a question? Feel free to email me at [email protected]  or message me on Instagram @wellness_on_purpose!