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Meghan Jones is a wellbeing consultant who specializes in holistic health transformations for the mind, body, and spirit. She is an Institute for Integrative Nutrition-certified holistic health coach, a Athletics and Fitness Association of America-certified personal trainer, and author of the mindfulness book, 30 Little Thoughts.

Throughout her adolescence and 25-year long career as a professional orchestra musician, Jones struggled with disordered eating and overexercising. When she began studying under a shaman in 2011 and adopted a clean diet, her mental, emotional, and spiritual health improved and propelled her physical health to new heights. She became a certified integrative nutrition health coach and personal trainer more than a decade ago to help others achieve their wellbeing objectives through this holistic approach to food, fitness, and consciousness.

Jones‚Äô expertise has been featured by outlets like Voyage Tampa, Canvas Rebel, Bold Journey, and podcasts including ‚ÄúThe Opulent Life‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúThe Self Project Studio.

 Available for media interviews on the following topics:

1) Holistic health transformations: an approach to health built around the interconnectedness of one’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. It may involve changes in diet, exercise, mindfulness practices to help clients achieve their goals.

2) Intuitive nutrition: an Institute for Integrative Nutrition-certified holistic integrative nutrition health coach who teaches people how to tune in their body’s cues and inner wisdom to guide food choices and mindful eating behaviors.

3) Fitness and exercise: an Athletics and Fitness Association of America-certified personal trainer with expertise for a wide variety of fitness levels, from octogenarians to ironmen.

4) Stress management techniques: including, but not limited to, somatic breathwork, meditation, and other holistic health and wellness methods. 

5) Intuitive living: coaching that emphasizes mindfulness, self-awareness, and intuition to foster inner connectedness.


My expertise has been featured in ...



~ Canvas Rebel

~ Voyage Tampa

~ Bold Journey

Podcasts / Interviews:

~ Sirius Joy Namaste Today Astral Mingle Interview with Christopher Witecki: I'm on at 1:55 talking about holistic nutrition, intuitive eating, label reading, and how food is directly connected to everything in your life.


~ The Opulent Life podcast with Stephanie Snyder: Intuition, self-care, mindset, time management, creating new habits


~ Align Vibe Flow - Healing Ourselves To Heal The World podcast with Savannah Shea Blake:

1) Food 

2) How to Practice Grounding Your Energy to Reduce Anxiety


~ Freedom Within: Emotional Eating, Weight Loss, And More podcast with Jenn Wojciechowicz


~ Page-Turner’s Studio podcast with Cori Wamsley, talking about my book & my business:  How to Become Incredibly Mindful to Live on Purpose


~ The Self Project Studio podcast with Kristy Martin: Episode 81, Making Wellness Sustainable


~ Bethany Clemsen's On Your Terms speaker series interview: Focusing on living out your priorities, protecting boundaries, and taking action


~ Unleashed unapologetically podcast with Nadeje montes: Mindset and health


~ Life After Sugar podcast with Netta Gorman:


~ Bursting With Happiness podcast with Lisa Dimino White: on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, and can be found on her website here:


~ Open Loops podcast with Greg Bornstein:¬† "Change his perception of how reality works in an hour!‚ÄĚ


~ Love Yourself Fiercely podcast with Kelly Rolfe: Self-love ... sharing about my evolution with the purpose of empowering & inspiring listeners to do the same


~ Living Well Show podcast with Shelia Craig Whiteman


~ Unchain Your Inner Strength podcast with Maria Krause: Mindset, holistic health, and spirituality


~ Living The Next Chapter podcast with Dave Campbell: Create new patterns and live a life on purpose 


~ Raising Runners podcast with Tori Williams podcast for parents and coaches of youth sports


~ Ageless Conversations podcast with Tamika McTier


~ The Soulful Mind podcast with Angel Evanger: Be aligned with what your body needs


~ Crystal Baran: Practical mindfulness, how I help clients, and living your life on purpose