Single Coaching Call

This is a safe space to share your goals, ask questions, and get personalized guidance & tailored recommendations to help you lower your stress, lessen the overwhelm, begin cleaning up your eating, and start immediately shifting into living more centered & aligned with your worth and who you really are beyond the physical.

One 60 minute 1:1 coaching call + Call notes (which often include a bit more coaching) to help keep you accountable, keep you driven, know that you are heard, supported, and totally capable of doing anything you put your mind to!


Personal Fitness Training Sessions

Come work out with me!

I’m an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer who has trained a wide variety of fitness levels from octogenarian to ironman.

Both in person + online sessions available.









Pantry & Fridge Sessions

These are so fun!

Tired of looking at junk food in your fridge, but you're just not sure what to buy instead?

In this 30 minute call, we will look at some of the foods you eat the most, you will learn how to decipher labels clearly & quickly, and shift little things that make big difference!

... ABSOLUTELY zero judgement ūüę∂ūüŹľ Just dorking out together about food!

Looking super forward to this call with you.



Somatic Breathwork Sessions

1:1 guided, channeled breathwork calls together to help you release, receive, and realign.

One 45 min session to breathe together, clear, let go, open, balance (both overall, and Divine Feminine / Divine masculine), unpack, lower stress, shift, soften, empower, and realign with your highest self & your soul's agenda.







Self-Propelled Online Course

A sustainable method to clean up your life with food & mindfulness.

This is for you if you feel ready to shift from no control over food into healthier habits, are open & willing to tap into yourself & start practicing mindfulness around food, and are ready to start feeling confident with your food choices & your body, stop feeling decision fatigue around what to eat, and start feeling empowered about your health!





1:1 Health Coaching Program

By the time we're done you'll...

  • have¬†confidence in your food choices¬†& feel more¬†secure in your body
  • ¬†be more¬†mindful, present & in tune¬†with your body's intuitive eating, so that you¬†no longer go into the sugar¬†at 9pm
  • be well on your way to your¬†weight loss goal
  • feel more¬†physically balanced, more overall life balance, less stress & overwhelm, so that you can respond to situations from a¬†place of power¬†instead of simply knee jerk reacting