The biggest secret to supercharge your morning routine

The biggest secret to supercharge your morning routine

If you already have a pattern of drinking warm water with lemon in the morning, yay!

There are so many benefits of drinking it …

~ promotes hydration

~ good source of vitamin c

~ supports weight loss

~ improves skin quality

~ aids digestion

~ freshens breath

~ helps prevent kidney stones

and there are more!


And ... I fully believe everything is all connected….

So on another note, did you know that a study by Dr. Emoto demonstrated that water is shaped by environment, thoughts and emotions (including words and music)?

The power of human thoughts, sounds, and intentions can strengthen or disempower!

If water is a living consciousness, and you want to play with what’s possible with the energy of water, then silently saying words of gratitude into your warm water with lemon gives you the benefit both from the drink, and also from the positively affected water crystals.

Will you try it out?

Watch for more blogs about how food and spirit / energy are so perfectly connected.