Silence is a secret healing tool

Silence is a secret healing tool

Do you always fill the silence? Turn on the tv? Listen to podcasts? Have constant input?

Silence is the space between words, the space between thoughts, the space between notes

Silence is the reality that is always there.

We have to choose to shift into that silence. We have to choose just as we shut off the tv … we choose to shut off our thoughts, and BE in the silence / with the silence

Similar to breathing. 

We automatically breathe …  as long as we are alive, breathing is always there. We have to choose to shift into noticing breathing. Noticing our breath … BE with the breath / with the breathing. 

Breathing is part of silence.

Silence is the canvas for everything.

Being is your soul / spirit noticing, perceiving, sensing you are here now … inhabiting this body in this second … in the silence. Just be-ing where you (soul / spirit) literally are, which is now.

If you “be” in the silence, then you hear the birds. Because you are just being, existing in reality, which is silence, and from there, you experience hearing the birds.

And you “be” in the silence, and you experience feeling the wind on your face, while you “be” in the silence

From the space of being in the reality of silence, you (soul you /spirit you) experience the world inside and outside of you 

Silence is not “quiet time” reading 

Silence is not “quietly” scrolling through your phone

Silence is not “doing”


Silence is

Silence simply is silence


And you “be”

You center, ground, align internally

To just “be” in the silence


You can choose to be silent in the silence (which is mentally engaging your mind to command you to be silent)

Or you can just “be”

In the reality of silence 

Silence and just being in silence allows space between your physical cells just like between words / music / thoughts … that space allows the body space, peace to start self regulating … safe and natural space to release toxins, release inflammation 

Silence houses stillness

Stillness supports healing

So to with anxiety, with making any size decision, and with most everything … EXACTLY the same thing

Yes ok, weigh pros & cons

Yes ok, look at and peel layers of fear or failure & fear of success

And most importantly … the reality you chose to come into this lifetime to re-member … in the silence is where you have the god given space to even have a CHANCE to truly re-member, sense, feel, notice, perceive who you truly BE

Silence supports the fine art of you and why you’re here


I can now access silence any time, even if there’s cacophony around me!

It’s an internal space I’ve practiced existing in every moment of every day … and it’s an inexplainable feeling living being existing thriving here

It allows thriving

It supports thriving


Do you always fill the silence? Turn on the tv? Listen to podcasts? Have constant input?