Your body is the key to your feelings.

Your body is the key to your feelings

If one of the things you know you need to work on is your feelings …

Being more in touch with your feelings

Not shoving your feelings

Not ignoring your feelings

Allowing your feelings

Not letting your mind take over the planet …


Tap into your body πŸ™πŸΌ


What are you doing with your breath?

Do you frequently hold your breath?

Do you not breathe deeply enough?

How is that affecting your digestion?


And how is that affecting your feelings literally? Because our digestion truly impacts our feelings, and our feelings fully impact our digestion 🀍


Your body is a big key, and your breath is a big part of it … To why you are shoving, or how you can unlock your feelings.


Have you ever done a breathwork session with me? 🀍 If this resonates, give it a try