Is the 1st thing you think about in the morning blocking your healing / weight loss / intended manifestations?

You can choose what you think.

What is the 1st thing you think in the morning? The very first thing every morning?

Is it flight or fight themed?


Did you know you can choose your thoughts?

Decide how you feel?


The very 1st thing I think and feel every single morning now is “thank you” … appreciation and gratitude. 

That’s NOT at all what it used to be. I’d run the comfortable, familiar, uncomfortable stress, worry, “what if”, replaying scenarios b.s. 24/7.


It was an awful existence


It takes being CCAPP (something my dog trainer taught me)







You can practice choosing what the very 1st thing you think and feel is every morning!

You can practice deciding.

You HAVE that ability. 

And omg, every moment of the day following is totally different! Your stress addiction lessens, and everything else can start to fall in line.


Are you doing this already? What do you usually wake up thinking about?