Words create 🤍 choose wisely.

Word create

It’s not recommended for us to look at ourselves in the mirror and say “UGH why are you so stupid??”

... So when we are talking to ourselves about food, why would we call ourselves “cheaters”?

That’s really mean actually.


If we step back a little, drop the qualifiers and the social judgment, there are kind of two types of foods, right?

One food type fuels, energizes, and balances our mental, emotional, physical states.

The other type of food doesn’t ... with it being overly processed and often full of unpronounceable ingredients.


I feel it’s society and advertising that makes us have rough language around food.


Because we are emotional beings, and our emotions are directly affected by the food we ingest, it makes sense that we mentally associate emotions with certain types of food, and that we need to become aware of our language … but wouldn’t it be nice if we could just look at it as the food that scientifically fuels us properly, and the other food type that doesn’t?


🤍 In any case, it’s NOT only food that we talk awfully about in regards to ourselves, right?

Work stuff, weight, relationships, eyesight, knees, house, finances …


“What comes out of your mouth comes into your life, so choose your words wisely.”

~ Jen Sincero


You are a powerful manifestor!

Words create

Thoughts create

Feelings create


🤍 First, become aware of your patterns

🤍 Then start to choose … what would I rather feel / think / say?





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