Are you a helper / fixer / always want everybody to feel happy?

It’s ok to feel good when other people aren’t

We want to control people’s feelings (mainly towards us) in every scenario … because codependency teaches us that “I only feel as good as my least happy child”.

This was me

Day in and day out

For decades

Everyone is on their own individual life journey with their autonomous soul agenda … which has nothing to do with you 🤍

What they are experiencing & feeling is theirs.

You’re not supposed to fix them nor change their path towards what you want for them.

You’re here to live, experience, be, do, have, and feel good as much as possible 🤍

It’s lose / lose when you are constantly externally focused on (controlling) everyone else, spread way too thin, hit burnout, end up in bed useless to yourself, your partner, kids, parents & energetically running away.

“You do you” is an adage for a reason 🙏🏼

Drink water, eat (you have time), take a walk, meditate for 2 minutes in your car, say no to that last minute thing that made you feel stressed out just reading the text 🤍

You are of much more use to everyone else … can hold space for so many more people when you focus on your own alignment, groundedness, centeredness the majority of the time.


It’s ok to feel good when other people aren’t 🤍


I walked a client through this just a few days ago … it’s so common to overlook this layer of health.

Are you  an over giver?

A fixer?

Always helping & needing everyone to be happy?



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