What If?


shifting what if into what is

I heard this this week, and love this shift in perspective …

instead of falling into the “what if”, we need to fall into the “what is”.

because the “what is” turns into what’s coming next!

our here & now is the most powerful space we can stand in.

you’ve heard that saying “what you BE, is what comes”, right?

how we “be” and how we feel is what we attract, and is what comes into our reality.

when we constantly fall into “what if”, that’s what we “be”, that’s where our energy is focused, and that’s what comes ... and we find ourselves in that awful feeling loop.

clearly, we want t to help whatever “it” is, be-come what we intend & want … whether it’s a new job, a positive medical outcome, successful potty training, weight loss …

so the question we want to ask ourselves is ~

is “what is” receiving love?

receiving care?

receiving the beautiful attention that will help it be-come what you want?