Do you pay attention to everyone & everything you surround yourself with?

It's all ingested. It's all connected.

Do you pay attention to everyone & everything you surround yourself with ... in addition to the actual food you eat?⁣

It’s all ingested 🤍⁣

⁣It all soaks in … soaks into our cells, for real ... into our mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, & auric bodies.⁣

~ eating super cleanly, yet surrounding yourself in a work environment that’s toxic, is still ingesting a lot of toxins into your body & into your life 🤍⁣

~ meditating daily, yet keeping the awful tv news on repeat in the background while you do your housework is still ingesting toxins.⁣ (Listen enough to be informed … & then switch to a podcast or music that inspires, motivates, & fills you with healthy information) 🤍⁣

~ eating fresh, organic, real foods 80% of the time, yet not necessarily considering the quality of your vitamins or supplements (ie. just always buying the cheapest) can also be introducing unintended toxins into your system … 🤍⁣


It’s all connected, right?⁣

It’s all ingested, and it all matters to your physical, mental, & emotional well-being 🤍⁣⁣


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