Unpopular opinion 🤍 sometimes you need to be eating bigger portions


Eating “smaller portions” as a general rule is not a guaranteed support of your weight loss, health, or healing.

You need to be eating bigger portions of certain things, and mindful portions of others!

If you are making healthy clean meals, eating smaller portions as a general rule, then find yourself hungry an hour or two after you ate …

And then snack on “okay or not the best things” in order to make it through the day, or simply don’t eat (which can lead to low energy, bad moods, lower productivity) … Try shifting your mindset around portions!


🤍 The cleaner you eat, the more quantity of that clean food you need to eat

Because your body is running more efficiently, using & eliminating the fuel you’re giving it in a much more beneficial, powerful manner.

So make your healthy clean meals, and EAT!


Eat a LOT of veggies … lean into all of the varying green ones, while also including the different colors to get those beneficial phytonutrients in your system too.

Eat mindful portions of whole grains / sweet potatoes / starches

Eat mindful portions of healthy fats (avocado, raw nuts & seeds, anti inflammatory oils …)

Eat mindful portions of natural sugar (fruit, dried fruit, maple syrup, agave, honey …)

🤍 Shift up out of the generalized “small portions” … Eat LOT more than you would expect of the vegetables + higher protein containing plant based foods to propel your weight loss, health, or healing!


You’ll stay full longer

You’ll focus better & be more productive

You’ll have more energy

Your mood will be lighter

And you might want a snack as well … THAT might be a smaller portion (flipping the script), and you’ll be more likely choose a healthy, beneficial one over the “okay or not the best things” because you’re running on a beautiful tank of food-fuel to begin with

Does this resonate?

Are you trying to clean up your eating for your health, weight loss, or healing, yet relegate yourself to “smaller portions” and seem to not stay full long enough?

Let me know what happens if you play with this! 🤍 We can message and talk


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