Trust the Process🦋


do you trust the process?

🤩this picture is a meyer lemon!

…of course clearly not yet

wherever these flowers bloom on my little tree, is generally where a lemon will grow

…what if we didn’t know that and assumed it was just a flower plant & not a fruit?🍋

what if we still thought a caterpillar would just stay worm-y…and didn’t realize it would be a butterfly?🦋

we want everything amazon primed!

…but the beautiful thing about mother nature, is that we are constantly reminded that there is always a process…

✨can you trust and have faith in the process…

with your healing?

with a relationship?

with your weight loss?

with a job search?

we need to remember that whatever “it” is, it’s coming.

and it might not look like the flower we assume it already to be, nor the caterpillar…🌸🐛

it might show up in a brand new form we never even imagined? 🍋🦋