It's not healthy to "only think positively". 🤍

How do you react to your emotions?

It’s important to differentiate between …

Shoving your feelings

Being “Pollyanna” and only thinking positively (ignoring your feelings)


Choosing to respond to your feelings because they’re telling you something.🙏🏼


Abraham-Hicks shares that our feelings are our gps system.

If you’re feeling good, calm, peaceful, at ease … You’re going the right way.

If you’re feeling bad or yucky or awful, it’s okay that you’re feeling that way 🤍It’s just your gps system telling you you’re not in alignment … You’re not going the right way.


So, if you’re choosing the energy of “Only think positively … Just say positive things”, or you shove them and ignore them, your body’s going to get sick.

It’s going to send its bill because you’re shoving your feelings and emotions into your physical system.


And sometimes that brings up emotional eating … So you’re shoving other chemicals in your system … Stress eating …

🙏🏼 All of this is connected.


It’s really important that you have your emotions, and listen to what they’re telling you.


“It is not about managing your emotions, it is about managing your reaction to your emotions.”

~ Yung Pueblo



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