Guidance from an Intuitive Healer ...

Awful self talk

If it hasn’t worked before, it’s most likely not gonna work again …

If in this new year you are calling in a strong, healthy body, less pain, more energy, your goal weight (forever), a regular exercise routine, in order to feel happy, confident, attractive, less pain or pain-free, less time spent glued to the toilet, or whatever you’re after …

Going back on that same “carb”restriction diet, only drinking on the weekends (but making up for 5 days worth of not drinking in 2), logging macros into your app, not eating all day until dinner … You’re going to get the same results as you did the last time you hopped on that wagon = It might work for a while until it doesn’t.

And then your whole cycle repeats itself with the “I don’t have time to keep that up”, guilt & shame that you didn’t keep it up, internal beating-yourself-up dialogue, back to the bigger sizes in your closet that make you feel so crappy on all levels …


The reason it’s not working is NOT because you suck🤍


There are guaranteed habits & patterns inside of you on multiple levels that help you sabotage the “it” that you’re after, every time.

Plus … certain foods that your body doesn’t thrive on, and others you may think are “healthy” or are completely unaware of, that feed directly into your chicken & egg cycle of never sustainably reaching what you want (in any area of your life).


THIS is what I coach on🤍

I help you sense, feel, interpret, “see”, notice, intuit, know what is REALLY going on with you.

You start taking tiny steps that uncover what’s stuck, experience clear physical shifts, open your life wide open … and it IS sustainable.

This time it works 🙏🏼

And you will never be the same.


It is hard for me to really describe what I do because every single client is individual.

Yes, we deal with the real stuff like cholesterol, thyroid, RA, perimenopause, heart, digestive issues, extreme stress, loss of loved ones, relationships, jobs … because it’s all connected.


“One of my big takeaways is that you hold a non-judgmental space for people to share what is going on for them. I think a lot of people could use that.”


In that very open, free space, a LOT comes up for release, and from there, it all transforms🤍

I am an intuitive healer, who helps you learn that you are too.




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