The #1 tip your daily life needs right now

It's the simple things





If overwhelm is a habit, let’s play with simplifying as a replacement!


“I don’t have time for breakfast, and I don’t just wanna grab a bar.”




Throw 1 cup of berries + 1/4 cup plain unsweetened plant based yogurt in a bowl / container, and head out the door.


“I don’t have time for the gym or to workout like I used to.”




Really use the stairs anywhere you are and at home if you have them.

intentionally make extra trips up the stairs.


Drop into plank for 20-60 seconds when you’re back from a bathroom break 2-3x in the day




Eliminate, delegate, automate what you can ….


I've been practicing this a lot lately.


It came up loudly for me, so I figured some of you might feel similarly too?


Where can you simplify?