*Now* is What We’ve Got


I know we hear this over and over again, but literally it’s the most true, right?

the only things that are reliable in the universe are change and expansion … everything changes … everything on the huge universal scale & also in our teeny tiny lives.

we circle back, mentally replaying conversations both good & bad, replaying responses we were proud of or we wish we could’ve changed, replaying food choices we made or would’ve rather made, etc … and then we sit there & worry, or focus on what could’ve been different, or longing for the good old days.

every choice we make now shapes our future. every single choice, right?

replaying the past, for better or for worse, is also a choice … most often for stagnation

so just for *now*, okay with mindfully choosing a response, a non-response, a food, an activity, something that makes you feel good about it now & sets you up to feel “gooder” in the future … when ever the future becomes now.

right now in this very second, what things are you consciously, mindfully choosing?

simply for setting up what comes an hour from now, or for next month, next year, or whenever … ?