Are you a New Year’s resolution setter?


Do you set similar resolutions every year, over and over, but seem to "fail" because of not having the willpower or whatever to make them happen?

Feel into “New Year’s intentions” vs. resolutions ❄️

Intentions are your energy and thoughts directed towards, focused on what you intend … how you want to live your life, instead of a specific thing / time-based outcome

So play with … instead of locking yourself to specific outcomes … commit to a way of being (vs. doing) that is “in” everything you do, how you be, and to take aligned action towards what you want, what you want to achieve

And then … whatever seems tricky to truly take the little steps you’re intending, that’s when we can pause



have some water

and begin looking at root causes underneath your “not going to the gym”, “not eating as healthy as you’d wanted”, etc 🙏🏼

How does New Year’s intentions feel to you?

More committed?

Less “resolute” so to speak, and maybe more attainable?




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