Do you only take care of yourself when it's convenient?

Do you only take care of yourself when it's convenient?

Do you tend to eat better, exercise, do things that you intend to do when things are lined up, your schedule is easier, you feel “set up” because your parents are there so you can focus more on yourself …?

I think it’s Thich Nhat Hanh who said “when you don’t have time to meditate for 1 hour, meditate for 2.”

It is in those times that we need to … it benefits us the most to … step up and support ourselves physically for stamina and energy to get through the hurricane, or the double job month while transitioning fully into the new one.

It supports our mental clarity, emotional balance, spiritual / intuitive connection to highest self … and thus our responses (which is huge support with any relationships).

When it’s convenient, it’s nice and important to eat clean, beautiful, real food, exercise, spend time quietly just being …

When shit’s crazy and everything is just stupid busy, THAT’S when your “team of one” is most important.

“Oh there’s no time” … it takes literally zero time 🤍 You can go 1,000,000 mph, and eat cleanly, create time for movement, create pockets little pockets of time for internal space / time.

You can!

If this sounds impossible or pie in the sky, email or message me 🤍 I can think of SO many little ways you can start easily flowing forward with this, even with all you have going on.


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