Practicing "That's not mine" is life changing

let go of codependency

No one feels things like you do, no one notices or sees or senses or experiences anything exactly the way you do. You are the only one. And that is mind-boggling.

When we pause, soften, breathe, and simply let this be so, there’s room and space for us to allow others what’s theirs.


We can agree, or

We can find it interesting and shift our opinion, or

We can completely disagree.

And it’s ok.


And it doesn’t matter because what is yours is yours and what is theirs is theirs.

Not yours.

That is theirs.


Shifting into neutral, observing, and shifting your focus onto what and how YOU want to feel, how intend on living / being, what you want to choose to experience, is one of the best ways to start living a life that feels better, more aligned, authentic, good, happy, on purpose.


Are you constantly trying to fix your husband’s relationship with your kids? Are you tired of doing a dance around the “cya” office environment?


Pause, soften, breathe, have some water, and grant yourself and the other person what is yours, and what is his / hers.


“That’s not mine” … coming from a soft, empowered, space grants you space you deserve, and the other person his / her autonomous soul agenda … and from there, from that space, choose what you think, how you feel, make decisions, respond, or not ♥️


Practice living YOUR life.

With others.