Frustrated that your weight or fitness level isn't shifting like you want?

What really changed my health, weight, and fitness level.

My health, weight, & fitness level didn’t truly change until I stopped putting all of it on external factors … Getting on the wagon with fat free, low carb, obsessive calorie counting, over exercising … ⁣

⁣Circumstances, people, and whatever other factors would “get in my way”, and nothing I tried to change was sustainable⁣.

🤍 I was my own victim, but I believed it was everything else.⁣

⁣There’s comfort in the unhealthy patterns, right?⁣

The only way I reached my health goals and continue having success is by⁣

🤍 Softening⁣

🤍 And stepping fully into the internal component that is the glue … The way to not only reach all health goals, but also actually live & feel happy!

⁣🤍 It’s opening up to your worth⁣

If you have very little self-worth, you hold the habit of feeling “not worth” the steps that get you to your goal weight, you blame outer circumstances, and self sabotage⁣.

⁣🤍 It’s softening, finding awareness, looking at, and releasing the old unhelpful patterns that keep coming up, and keep you small.

⁣🤍 It’s understanding that you’re here for you first, and when your health is in alignment, you’ll be a way better mom, coworker, friend, family member⁣.

My clients are losing weight and keeping it off 🤍 They’re working out regularly, and feeling more confident in their body & mental health than they ever have in their lives before … Because they are opening up and seeing the direct connection their internal health has on everything in their life⁣.

⁣Your mind will keep saying you don’t have the time, the money, and that it’s not a priority …⁣

In my personal experience, it is THE priority that jumpstarts the rest 🤍



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