How I healed my liver enzymes naturally

Natural healing

Just sharing a little about my own healing lately 🤍

I believe in western medicine … I have a metal knee … but last year when my blood panel showed all beautiful green numbers except one loud area with an issue, I was not going back into my old rabbit hole with extra doctors & steps & meds, and then further “referral issues” popping up in other parts of my health.

 Alongside my shaman, who is a medical intuitive, I went very purposefully and self lovingly into mentally, emotionally, somatically, energetically, physically healing this very clear issue … which was largely energetic although now had manifested in the physical.

The protocol I have been doing shifted several times over the past year.

For example, beet root powder amounts increased, decreased, paused, came back in, tapered, released … similar with other powerful mother nature healing tools I’ve been using.

And because, wherever you go, there you are …  wherever I went this past year, my healing went too ♥️

I don’t roll with “I was good about it til my vacation” … that’s not healing on purpose, self loving, self caring …

Go on trips to incredible conferences, and continue your healing there

Go to the mountains all summer, and continue your healing there

Go to family for Thanksgiving, and continue your healing there.

Wherever you go, there you are. And wherever you go, your healing goes too.

The numbers are now in the high-safe range … I am so relieved and so proud 🙏🏼

I will continue purposefully healing now until they are in a great middle range of the “healthy spectrum” for a good chunk of time. And then I will celebrate as I taper off of this healing protocol!

Will it be another year or 3? Probably. And that’s ok ☺️

I love myself enough to fully heal.

And so it is.

♥️ And … so can you.