Something that really frustrates me about the health & wellness industry

Frustrated by the health & wellness industry?

... Is that people are so dogmatic

They get really uptight and angry if you’re not “compliant” to their “WOE” (way of eating) … Which is clearly the “only” way of eating.

They’re mean about it.

They’re condescending about it.

They’re higher-than-thou about it.

They’re standing on their soap box & preaching about it.

I feel it deters a lot of people who take their very first step into healthier eating because if they share or post something in certain groups, instead of getting support & cheerleading, they get berated, feel like they’ve massively f-ed up and will never succeed.

That ain’t right.

💚 There is no 1 right way to eat that literally fits every single body

💚 You’re winning by starting to even head in a healthier direction

💚 Eating real, fresh vegetables & fruits is universally healthier than packaged processed things

💚 You can do this

Have you experienced this?

What frustrates you about the health industry?