Eat this for digestion and gut health!

Eat this for digestion and gut health!

This is not a recipe, but it could be!

👩🏻‍🍳 90% of the time I vamp, with no recipe!

That’s the way I eat exactly how I want to every day … for real. Even if my schedule is back to back, one of the many life saving habits I’ve sustainably created is with food & eating BECAUSE it’s all connected.

🤍 The only way I’ll make it through extra full days feeling good & energized, producing what I want at the level I intend, is if my body is fueled in a way that supports my mental clarity, emotional balance + physical strength / power / lightness / thriving …

And that means food.


It’s all connected.

Food is connected to everything.

Everything is connected to food.


You will not accomplish what you’re after, sound how you like in a concert, get “enough” done, let alone actually feel good if you drive through McDonalds for breakfast, have a bar for lunch, & not sustaining leftover soup for dinner.

🤍 It’s physically impossible.


This is one of the MANY things I coach on so that you create your own version of that life saving habit of eating exactly how you want to every day 🤍

And you can start when you're feeling READY-ready with a free Eating Without Guilt call! 

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👩🏻‍🍳 In this pan there’s:

~ 1 whole fennel bulb + tops chopped (sometimes fennel tops can be tough and you can boil them for tea or toss them in for flavoring and salad dressings. These were pretty tender, so I put them in this pan!)

~ Rainbow carrots chopped

~ Leftover asparagus I had already chopped up

~ Tempeh chopped or crumbled (it’s a delicious, fermented, probiotic, gut healthy, high protein, awesome textured vegan food.)

~ Conservative amount of olive oil +/- 2 tsp

~ Fox Point seasoning


Oven at 400F for 45-60 minutes, or until desired amount of  brown, stir once mid cooking.


🤍 This is what I had in the fridge.

Do this with whatever combo sounds good to you!


… I also rarely roast anything tbh …

Mainly I use 1 pan, varying ingredients every time, cook it on low slowly … it does its own thing, is easy, DELICIOUS, and the best habit to have 🤍

I get more protein than most carnivores, great fiber, nutrients, variety, and am always happily full!