Why I named my business Wellness On Purpose

Go beyond your weight loss expectations

I called my business Wellness On Purpose … on purpose 😅

I could have called it:

Nutrition On Purpose

Eating On Purpose

Fitness On Purpose

Meditation On Purpose …


I believe everything is connected, and I believe that you are here on purpose 🤍

So if we live mindlessly and on autopilot and “groundhog’s day”, that’s not actually why you’re here.

Every decision we make, mindful or mindless … like if you walk by a bag of chips and just all of a sudden stick a bunch in your mouth, and you didn’t realize you ate them


You intentionally eat a super beneficial dinner because tomorrow you have a big hike …

Those decisions put us into our ideal individual “thrive” / thriving, or away from it.


Wellness On Purpose

Eating On Purpose

Thriving On Purpose … or mindless …


If you want to feel good, like actually good at a healthy weight that looks good, feels good, is strong, is powerful …

If you want to be able to chase after your grandkids …

If you want to stop sweating in Target while you’re walking through there with your daughter …


Wellness On Purpose

Going towards yourself

Approaching yourself purposefully …

Every moment of every day

With what you eat

If you exercise

If you take internal time

… That’s why I named my business Wellness On Purpose 🙏🏼


Do you have a feeling your extra weight isn’t just weight, but that it’s more energetic / emotional / deeper than just “extra weight that won’t come off”?

Can you tell when your RA is going to really hurt, you know it’s somewhat food based, yet sense that there are more layers to it?

🤍 Imagine your knees hurt every single time you walk up stairs, you put yourself in total weight shame every single time … and a really powerful reframing, totally new perspective, internal dialogue shifts that, and along with other powerful little attainable intuitive tools, your weight starts trending downwards for real, in a sustainable manner …


What comes up for you reading this?


I do help you lose weight, but I’m not a weight loss coach …

I go beyond.

Weight loss is 1 of the 10+ results included in my program.

My purpose in coaching, and the transformation you get is the benefit of the benefit 🤍

You lose weight and see that your body deserves more, which mirrors back that your body deserves whole, real foods, your whole relationship with food shifts, etc.,

and then …

Beyond the food & physical health, you can unwrap the things that are keeping you stuck, and release them for good 🤍

I have done it for myself, I continue to do it for myself, and I help my clients with this too.

I love watching my clients opening, and feeling happy & courageous in situations that used to trigger anxiety!

I love watching my clients steadily shed the weight in a slow & healthy manner, when they used to think they were a weight-loss mystery or conundrum!

I love watching my clients form new, incredible, healthy relationships with food when they used to struggle with serious eating disorders!

🤍 Message me about what you think might be going on with you beyond the physical.


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