healthy grain farro side dish


~ 2 cups water or veggie broth
~ 1 cup semi-pearled farro (or a gluten-free swap!) ... for gluten-free, you can absolutely swap the farro out for sorghum, sprouted brown rice, oat groats, quinoa, etc.
~ 1/2 large onion
~ 2 cloves garlic
~ 1 small container grape or cherry tomatoes
~ 1 1/4 teaspoons kosher or coarse sea salt
~ 1/4 teaspoon red pepper flakes (to taste)
~ 2 tsps olive oil
~ a few fresh basil leaves, cut into thin ribbons


~ place water and farro in a medium saucepan to presoak (5 to 10 min is sufficient)
while you prepare the other ingredients
~ adding each ingredient to the pot as you finish preparing it…
~ cut onion in half again, and very thinly slice it into quarter-moons
~ thinly slice garlic cloves
~ halve or quarter tomatoes
~ add salt, pepper flakes (to taste)
~ and 2 tsps olive oil to pan
~ set a timer for 30 min
~ bring uncovered pan (no lid necessary) up to a boil, then reduce to a gentle simmer, stirring occasionally
~ when the timer rings, the farro should be perfectly cooked (tender but with a meaty chew), seasoned and the cooking water should be almost completely absorbed

~ if needed, cook it for 5 additional minutes, until farro is more tender
~ transfer to a wide serving bowl. if there’s enough leftover cooking liquid to be annoying, use a slotted spoon!
~ scatter with basil

(recipe from Smitten Kitchen)