External and internal healing need the same vigilant attention, love, and care.

external & internal healing need the same attention

When there’s a deep cut on your hand we pour our focus & attention to heal it with topical things, homeopathic products, doctors’ support to get us up and running again.

So often when there’s deep internal physical healing to do (which you guys KNOW I fully connect with mental, emotional, and spiritual root causes) … when it’s thyroid, gut, cholesterol, liver enzymes, we’re often at attention for a while … tell everyone we’re “dealing” with it … we’ll follow a protocol, and then we’ll have a “cheat weekend” or go on a vacation and F-it til we’re home.

If you had a deep cut on your hand you wouldn’t necessarily F-it for the vacation. You’d take care of it, change the bandages, put on the cream, take the arnica or meds, and still be on vacation.

It’s external.

We are SO externally focused that mental / emotional healing, and the directly connected issues like thyroid, cholesterol, liver enzyme, gut, etc. healing are super easily put to the wayside for “after her grad recital” or after vacation or once we get the tax return …

Every part of you is every part of you 🤍 Nothing is an island. It’s all you. It’s all connected.

🤍 If you really want your life to change, you have to treat everything that needs love, care, and healing just like a deep cut on your hand.

🤍 Where do you “fall short” with this?