What affects your auditions & big concerts is how you eat, exercise, connect internally EVERY DAY.

How to eat for performance success

I worked with Dr. Don Greene (Peak Performance Coach) privately for 2 years, and he changed my whole life … my clients who are musicians and actors are focusing on THEM, on creating freeing, beneficial habits with food + eating, with exercise + movement, with meditation + fuller internal connection with their highest self.

They come into their calls saying how crazy it is that their new “shifting approach to food directly affects their approach to playing the horn”.

Those who come to me prior to an audition looking for a “totality” package, play with beneficial ways to live, be, practice, approach travel days, what they warm up with, how they eat, etc. to enhance vs. detract … what to “practice” in order to take full care of their mental, emotional, physical spaces as well as putting themselves in the driver’s seat.

They are wanting their auditions to be less hail Mary and more intentional / on purpose … to actually play their best yet while simultaneously holding their internal balance with what they can control, and what they can’t.

What’s theirs & what’s not theirs.

Your daily life habits & patterns … just what you do everyday … can walk with you into and through successful auditions & performances.Your mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion levels will be less, your execution will be more on point than ever before, and your recovery time will be less “bruised”, and have a little “proud of yourself” attached!


What you eat affects your auditions & big concerts.

Not just that day, but your everyday.


Same with marathons.

Same with board meetings.

Same with epic work events.


How you exercise affects your auditions & big concerts.

How you connect or don’t connect with your highest self affects auditions & big concerts … again, not just the day of.

When you clean up your eating to feel confident in your eating & food choices every day … when you flow with that and heal your life, heal trauma, lower general stress, and start to align with who you really are, your auditions & big concerts align for you / with you too.

You can’t run stress / flight or fight all day every day with your dog, your car, your commute, your co-workers, and then slip suddenly into some true zen space to nail an audition.


🤍 Are you looking at this already?

🤍 Are you aware how your day to day life patterns & choices might need to shift?