Who struggles with asking for help?

Asking for help

Rescue yourself by accepting help 🤍

When you are given help, soften the resistance, the “failure” & surrender to allowing the other person to give …

By receiving their giving, you fill them up too 🤍 They are filled, you are helped … both by them literally, and by yourself for allowing this support to come in.

Clients have shared that it’s a struggle to both ask for help & then receive it.

Asking for help is a brand new practice when you’ve become “overly self-sufficient”, it gives to the giver, and makes everything much easier than the “oh, I’m fine. I’ll figure it out …”

🤍 Which is not nearly the same energetic message to god / universe / guidance as “I deserve divinely aligned help that will balance my (over)giving & receiving, and support me in reaching the outcome I want.”

Do you hate asking for help?

How do you do TRULY receiving it?

Do you continue to internally resist it by running guilt the whole time people are helping you? 🤍 That guilt doesn’t benefit anyone. You’re beating yourself up, and they’re unable to feel the joy of helping with all of the guilt-pattern-push-back you’re running.

Does this resonate?

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