Feel like you're never enough?

It is always going to be you.

There is no real way to change or “work on” being truly enough for yourself … because You are. 🙏🏼

That is a full sentence:

You are.

I am.

You are.


There is no more and no less you can be.

You just are.

And that is perfect.


Now … Do you like yourself?


Very different question.


THAT’S where you can pour waaaay more love and attention into.

For decades, I couldn’t stand myself. I frustrated myself, infuriated myself, drove myself nuts, and really didn’t want to be here because of it.

It takes internal drive, intention, and practice. It takes shifting and releasing and opening and doing everything much differently than you did before.

It takes accepting help, accepting coaching, accepting that you are extraordinarily powerful and ultimately in control of every single aspect of your life 🤍


The person who is going to magically make your life better is always going to be you 🤍




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