Where are you abandoning yourself regularly?

Do you abandon yourself?

Do you abandon yourself? You might not be aware, but the way you know is how you feel.

And how you feel is layered, right?

You can abandon yourself by taking care of your kids, their needs, their lunches, their summer or after school swimming, their activities, and leaving yourself out to dry “because there’s not time” 🤍

Not drinking water, eating processed stuff that you don’t even like, that you know doesn’t serve you, not having time for exercise … and all of those “abandoned” things feed into your imbalanced emotions and mental brain fog.

When we are the busiest, when our schedules are the most full, we need the most internal attention, the most water, the most beautiful food, the most exercise, the most nonnegotiable meditation times … because we’re being stretched with a crazy schedule, does that make sense?

At this point, I am in a good, flowing pattern with taking care of myself with water, beautiful food, beneficial exercise, non-negotiable mediation & internal time … and I’ve shed external people, places, and things that used to perpetuate my abandonment issue.

And … once we peel that onion, the universe gives us a whole bag of onions to peel haha

Where I’m currently working, softening, and releasing are the internal places where I continue to abandon myself, does that make sense? Behavioral and thought patterns that make me feel less than, or never good enough, or somehow always wrong 🤍 Unpacking, shedding, unpacking, shedding to be able to breathe with more & more wide open freedom, light, happiness, love, internal support, etc. 🙏🏼

Where are you abandoning yourself regularly?



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