Can I help you with that New Year cold? 🤧

Opportunities in the times we're sick

I know a lot of people have entered the new year with awful colds, G.I. viruses, etc. and are actually feeling quite yucky right now.⁣

⁣Such a rough way to enter a new year.⁣

⁣When these things happen, it’s actually a beautiful opportunity to go inside and see why your body is forcing you to slow down

⁣If it is a G.I. virus, or digestive thing, what are you having a hard time digesting?⁣ Literally and figuratively?⁣ Is there stuff at work, with friends, in your family that’s not digesting quite right?⁣

⁣If it is a head cold, or a severe headache, where are you putting extra unnecessary pressure on yourself?⁣ What are you having a hard time wrapping your mind around?⁣ Who / what is “giving you such a headache”?⁣

⁣There are so many beautiful opportunities in the times where our bodies force us to be flat, and we actually have to take time to heal.

⁣Do you want to look a bit at why you might be flattened right now, to help heal on multiple levels when you come out of this crappy moment?⁣

⁣Food of course directly affects everything in our body & immune systems, our minds, and our emotions.⁣

So do all of the external things in our lives, as well as our own internal mental patterns. ⁣

iI’s all connected

⁣These are things that I have, and continue to successfully work through with myself … And with my clients as well!⁣

Learning not only how to shift those frustrating illnesses into a time of deep work and benefits, but also shift out of having them “happen” to you frequently, if at all.⁣

⁣Message me if you want this thing that’s flattened you to bring you benefits across the board & to actually empower you as well I’d love to talk with you about it.







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