It's time to finally change your view on being "busy".


“Busy” is a state of mind.

“Open and receiving” is another.

When you let go of the label “busy”, you can slide into a more natural flow to get things done, and create internal space & allowing for better things to come in!

You are not busy … You have many, multiple actions, activities to attend or accomplish. It’s all a choice … Whether you lean into your “master procrastinator” self declared skill, and don’t do it (self-fulfilling prophecy), or decide to, choose to play with doing what you have scheduled to get done, without labeling any aspect of your space as “busy”.




Check one thing off, and then the next.

Write that email, pick up your daughter, return the shoes, balance your checkbook … Just “doing” one task, and then the next.

Being present while you are doing.

Without the label of “busy” … Choosing not to run that comfortable, familiar pattern of overwhelm & perhaps engaging in the self-fulfilling prophecy that is “master procrastinator”.


… Be with your self as you “do”, and in-joy the chop wood carry water part of this lifetime you’ve chosen to live … Being there as you live … And do the mundane … Walk through your moments.


Full schedule or not🤍