do you know what it feels like to be in alignment?

⁣… to be aligned in *your* very own individual alignment? ⁣⁣⁣

when I was fully out of alignment, I vacuumed every day. ⁣every single day … the entire house … every corner, every nook & cranny. I had to control the floors.

and at the same time, I was constantly in marathon training and logging in epic running miles every week.

⁣⁣cleeeearly I was trying to control the floors, control every piece of lint, run away from something, and push myself to physical limits that let me numb out from the rest of life

.⁣⁣.. what I did is a different version of overeating, emotional eating, drinking or drugging yourself, right? ⁣can you feel that?⁣⁣

that is the opposite of alignment.

being aligned with yourself, in your specific, individual, one-of-a-kind alignment, feels like calm.⁣⁣

being in alignment with certain people or situations feels that same way too

⁣⁣it probably feels *boring* compared to the regular loud hectic chaos you’re used to feeling internally, and that you probably also often experience reflecting back at you in your external life too⁣⁣⁣

the sweet spot is in taking small steps aligning …

⁣⁣your food with what you individually need, so that you can reach & maintain your ideal weight, lessen allergies & other issues, actually feel better in your clothes, balance your mind & emotions ⁣⁣

physical activity with what your body loves & wants to do, so you can feel physically better & stronger, mentally clearer, emotionally more balanced

⁣⁣your inner sacred space / spirituality with what feels like the most clear, *right* space, so that you feel connected … connected to your highest self, in your personal relationships, at work, with nature, etc .⁣⁣

THAT’s where we’re after ⁣⁣⁣

and the beauty is, once you are more tuned in to yourself, you can gently nudge yourself back into alignment fairly easily when you feel *off* again ⁣… when you’re more in alignment than out, those are relatively small adjustments⁣⁣⁣

I did it with internal work, along side shifting my eating to being more healthy & sustainable, etc. ⁣and of course, it’s always a work in progress☺️⁣⁣

progress over perfection⁣⁣