4 reasons you're not reaching your health goals

Worried about your health and weight?

Hey 🤍

Are you worried about not reaching your health or weight goals?

Or maybe you've been worried about your health and weight for a long time, and you don't know how to deal with it or change things for the better.

🤍 There's no time like the present to sort it out.

I've helped out so many people with their health and weight blocks, and I've seen common themes that pop up repeatedly.


Some of those are:

  • Your goal is "too big / broad" out of the gate
  • The method you're using worked for "this" person or "these" people, but that's not actually beneficial for you
  • You're only kinda doing the internal "work" / internal piece / shifting your internal experience to match what you're intending on the outside (focusing only on the external) ... or vice versa ... You're doing the internal piece, yet not taking consistent aligned action at least 20% of the time
  • You need accountability (to others as a beautiful 1st step, and mainly to yourself)


If any of those common themes above resonate, hope over to the YouTube live I did on this with some practical ways to move through them.


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