Wanting more high vibe & grounded feelings going into the holidays?


Have you questioned what it means when you’re not in alignment?

When you feel strongly that something’s got to change, that life isn’t working for you like this?


It’s almost New Year’s resolutions time … let’s help you get ready to really commit to yourself this time!


When things are out of alignment, you’re not in communication with your heart.

~ you’re not in contact with or checking in with your highest self.

~ you’re stuck in a loop with your mind & ego.

~ you’re not fully in your body, and instead kind of hovering above yourself in a stress & worry holding pattern, allowing your mind to run all crazy pants off leash.


So, what to do about it so that you can stay in a high vibe, make good food choices, and keep practicing self-care?

1 ~ no matter where you are, take a few conscious deep, slow breaths & pull your attention into your hips, knees, feet 💛 feel yourself center back into your body

2 ~ have a drink of water & be immediately present with the glass, the water, this moment you’re giving yourself as a mini reset & any little burst of joy near you … like how beautifully the sun is hitting the wall 💛

3 ~ take a second & make a plan that you can look forward to (like how you’ll eat the most beautiful, whole, real foods for dinner) 💛 and hold that as something to be excited about when the day’s done


Practice tuning in to the sense of discomfort when you’re out of alignment inside (& out).


Do you wish you had some tools that work every time to recenter & reground you?


Message me one struggle you have when it comes to coming into alignment 💛 I’ll write back & help you get a simple start on your New Year’s resolutions!


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