Vegan doesn't equal healthy

Can you be plant-based or vegan and unhealthy at the same time?

Can you be plant-based or vegan and unhealthy at the same time?


I was.

By eating ...

~ packaged processed food

~ packaged processed shakes

~ fried plant-based foods

~ sugar sugar sugar

~ ... and so much more ...

Straight out of high school when I went vegetarian & then vegan, I ate garbage.

... sugar & chemical filled (delicious tasting) *protein bars*, all of the white pastas, not nearly enough actual vegetables, etc.

And my body presented its bill ~ with digestive issues, skin & respiratory allergies, etc.

No matter how earthy or natural the packaging looks, no matter the *natural ingredients* highlighted on processed food & shakes boxes or containers, no matter the labeling ... it’s the ACTUAL ingredients listed on the back that matter!

To be more plant-based means to be eating more real whole foods

... like the ones with no label ... like whole pears, figs, carrots, edamame, brussel sprouts, raw almonds, etc.


... and if the food you are going to eat has a label, read it!

Read every single label!

~ if it has only very clear real whole foods , that’s ideal

~ If it has inflammatory oils & added sugar, skip it

~ If it has ingredients that you can’t pronounce in any language, run away haha

Just like people can be more fit, but still overweight, you can also be plant-based, and eating unhealthily ...