"I'm trying" = not committed


Here’s a little truth bomb you may not want to hear, but so important if you really want to change your life.

I’m trying = not committed.


There’s a huge energetic difference in “I’m trying to eat healthy & cleanly”


I choose to eat healthy & clean.

I eat healthy & clean.


Yes, “I am trying this new food” is not committed to eating it daily or ever again.

“I am trying to workout” shows me that you aren’t actually committed.


Trying is important, and yet “helps” you stay in the comfortable zone - uncommitted.

If you want to change something … your reactions into responses, your eating habits & patterns, etc … then start to be super aware of the feelings and energy layered beneath your words and language.


Where do you catch yourself frequently saying “I’m trying to” … keeping you “safe” / delay tactic / fear of failure / fear of success “safe” & uncommitted on the energetic level with constant lip service … with a caveat?

Words are powerful. There are always feelings and energy layered beneath.

Conscious intentional alignment of your feelings & words is key 🤍