Are you wrapped up in processing your blocks?

over analyzing everything

Just as overwhelm, perfectionism, all or nothing mindset are delay tactics, fear of failure / fear of success running on some level, so is allowing yourself to be wrapped up in processing your blocks, or obsessed with / attached to your issues … Spending years journalling, deconstructing them, telling everyone over & over again about your issues … As a subconscious excuse not to take any leaps forward whether tiny or giant.

We need to constantly do both at the same time … Look at and truly see our b.s., and also take aligned forward action!

And often, taking the scary, uncomfortable leaps of any size is a fantastic way to scare our old stale b.s. stories to the surface to come up, move through, and release.

Can you feel that?

Is there a story or issue you know you’re attached to “continually processing” that really no longer serves you?

If you feel ready-ready, it’s key to keep flowing forward when you “see” your blocks and fears and limiting beliefs vs. swirling in nonstop self analysis.