Running constant stress does not make you better at your job

Are you stressed out?

An example … it’s the huge end of fiscal year expenses crunch time, and it has to be done by the end of the day. Other people are giving you things that need to be done within the day as well from other departments.

1. Decide that starting tomorrow (1st of the month) you will do monthly expenses to avoid this insanity in the future.

2. With the load still currently on your plate, you can choose … to do your 500 lbs. of work with as much grace and ease mentally internally as possible, with love, appreciation, food, water, and internal awareness, or you can decide to run the company-wide, familiar huge stress.

~  it will get done

~  it always gets done

~  it will get done WELL

~  because it always gets done well and because you are great at your job

You are also great at running insane amounts of stress and cortisol.

You have a choice.

… To practice breathing, and being intentionally self loving internally as you crash through the piles of work, or the opposite, familiar, comfortable / uncomfortable, awful, life & health harming stress.

It’s a choice.

You can decide.

… And still kick ass at your job while saving your life simultaneously.