Quick, last minute gift (for the holidays or anytime!)

Powerful little mindset book

It’s currently December!

⁣My book 30 Little Thoughts is a loving, life brightening, impactful, inexpensive holiday present. ❄️⁣

⁣Have you read it yet?⁣

It’s a collection of thoughts about topics and ideas … little things to think about to make every day brighter.

⁣❄️ You can read it easily all in one sitting⁣.

❄️ You can read 1 little thought a day for 30 days⁣.

⁣❄️ You can randomly open the book to whatever page comes up & play with that thought for that day / week⁣.

⁣❄️ The next time you read it, different things will stand out to you than they might have last time!⁣

⁣Such an easy, thoughtful holiday present ... or anytime gift.

⁣It’s on Amazon in both paperback + ebook!⁣⁣

Paperback book:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/0578296993/⁣

Kindle eBook:  https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B14N5QS4/⁣

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