This is your sign to do whatever "it" is!

This is your sign to do whatever

It is when we do the scariest things that the places we’ve been stuck, plateaued, or have felt stagnant slowly start letting go, loosening up, starting to release, and flow again.

I’m basically doing (at least) one scary thing a day as I build my business ... constant lines I’m stepping over internally, and things I never in 1 million years thought I’d be doing 🤍 And it’s paying off for me and for my clients!

As I grow, more scary things show up with new lines for me to step beyond ... And I do ... And it’s scary ... And incredibly rewarding every single time.

What feels scary right now?

This is your reminder, encouragement, pep talk, cue to do whatever it is!

The rewards will far outreach the scariness.






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