In order to love yourself, you have to accept yourself first.

In order to love yourself, you have to accept yourself first

My client said she needs to love herself more … YES!

We all need to love ourselves more.

You can’t even start loving yourself more if you don’t accept yourself 🤍

If you’re always questioning …

What you’re doing, questioning if you can do it, questioning that text you sent, questioning what you posted, questioning what you shared in your stories …

(Don’t get me wrong, I’m practicing all of this too!)

… Questioning your responses, questioning what you’re wearing, questioning how you looked at that person and if they read you wrong

… Running all of the shoulda / woulda / coulda to “have them know that I’m a loving, caring person” …

Do YOU know that you’re a loving, caring person?

Because what they think is not yours 🤍 how they feel is not yours

Likely, they know you’re a loving, caring person!

Searching for external validation and acceptance is not accepting yourself nor the step to loving yourself

If you know you need to love yourself more, you do 🤍

If you know that you really don’t accept yourself because you’re always questioning everything you do, every moment of every day …

The first step is KNOWING …

I am a good person

I am a kind, caring person

I am thoughtful

🤍 Start there