Almost ALL health issues reflect directly back to your lifestyle.

Chronic disease is a lifestyle issue

Chronic dis-ease is a lifestyle issue.

I heard Niraj Naik say this in his Mindvalley quest, and wanted to break it down a little bit.

Acid reflux, hypertension, thyroid issues, high cholesterol, bowel issues, skin issues  … almost ALL health issues reflect directly back to your lifestyle.

Yes, genetics. Yes environment. In addition to lifestyle, these are the 3 things that directly impact our quality of health. Lifestyle and environment you can control … You CAN control 🙏🏼


How is your stress level?

What do you wake up thinking every morning?

What is the first thing you put in your body food liquid every morning?

Who are you choosing to surround yourself with?

How toxic is your workplace?

Why are you still working out in “once in a while” patches instead of regularly like you want to?

Are you frequently blaming time and convenience foods?


Your health and quality of life directly reflect and show your priorities …

They are your actual “revealed preference” (which is a great economics term).

Lip service to how you intend to eat or exercise or live or be is nice  … And keeps you in guilt and stress because you aren’t doing any of those things on a regular basis … And that FEEDS the dis-ease … Which is a lifestyle issue.


A holistic health transformation is possible for you!

It’s not a big production🤍

And can yield LARGE results.


When will you actually do what you keep saying you want to do?

Let’s continue this little chat in messages. You’ve got this. 🤍






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