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Come work out with me!

I’m an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer who has trained a wide variety of fitness levels from octogenarian to ironman.

"Meghan Jones is a perfect personal trainer. She is always professional and is always ready to listen about anything and everything affecting your physical and mental health. With her personal and individually crafted workouts and expertise, I have lost 70 pounds, reversed my high blood pressure, and lowered my high cholesterol. Her workouts were both tailored to meet my needs and accommodate my physical limitations while providing maximum fat loss and strength building. She is everything you could ever want in a personal trainer."

~ Nicholas

These are 60 minute 1:1 virtual or in person training sessions designed specifically for you, to help you gain strength, flexibility, balance, and reach your personal weight & fitness goals.

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"I began training with Meghan in my mid-40's at a time in my life when I had little kids and a high stress job, and my body was suffering. She started me on the road to a healthier lifestyle where I learned to make time for myself. Meghan is an incredibly supportive trainer and was always there with ideas for helping me with whatever I was dealing with, from diet to exercise to general health issues. I felt like she was working for me, even when I wasn't there training. Nice to have someone that dedicated on your side :)"

~ Betsy