Intuitive Talks


Are you ready to look beyond the food & physical health, unwrap the things that are keeping you stuck, and release them for good?

Over a decade of apprenticing to Shamanism has both saved and opened up my life.

I'm offering these Intuitive Talks because of things many of my clients have brought up in our calls, and that I also keep hearing from other friends...

Everyone right now seems to be feeling:

~ some level of overwhelm

~ stress

~ mental / emotional unease

We all agree that life is pretty weird right now across the whole planet. And the *collective energy* definitely affects everyone, whether we're aware of it or not.

My name is Meghan, I'm a Holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, a student of Shamanism, and I'm ready to help you! I'm ready to help you balance the things in your life. I've done it, and I know it's in the cards for you as well!
I created these Intuitive Talks as personalized 1:1 calls so that you can start immediately shifting into living more centered & aligned with your worth and who you really are beyond the physical.
Our call helps you bring more peace into your life, it helps you lower your stress levels, and lessen the overwhelm.
These sessions are a safe space for you to talk about ALL of your life & health questions, concerns, and goals. Together we will work to unwrap and begin to transform the limiting beliefs, and things that are keeping you stuck, and release them for good.
In these sessions, we will walk together step by step to create transformations in both your outer & inner worlds, to put you on the path toward feeling much greater overall balance.

How rare is it to be able to have the full attention of a certified Holistic Health Coach for 60 minutes to talk specifically about everything you personally want to ask about your own current mental/emotional feelings, stress level, feelings of overwhelm, and mindset?

To take a look together beyond the food & physical...

“…starting week 2 or 3 of meditation. It was the missing link for my balance. It is truly amazing what a short little 5 minutes can do. I think the best benefit is knowing about it and revisiting it through the day.”

~ Siri

Let's Start!

"The biggest tangible changes I've noticed since beginning the program have been feeling more at ease & balanced, and feeling less extreme highs & lows during the day. I have greater awareness of how water/food effect my mood, self-esteem, reactions (or lack thereof), more confidence and patience with myself and others, and see  greater connection between food and spiritual life.”

~ Beverly

This Program is designed for people:
~ wanting individualized attention looking specifically at their feelings of stress, mental/emotional unease & overwhelm, as well as their mindset
~ who are aware and feel they could be feeling & living much better or differently, & are ready to take some real action steps forward
~ who feel they aren't yet ready to commit to a full Health Coaching Program, but definitely want to begin on a path to better health by looking at balancing their lives with more overall mindfulness & conscious choices
This Program is NOT for people:
~ looking for a quick fix plan
~ unwilling or unready to commit to themselves to implement changes in their lives
~ with any serious illnesses or diseases who first need to seek the help of a medical doctor

If you implement everything we discuss in our call you'll have:

~ a gentle shifted mindset around all aspects of your life, from how you respond to yourself and others, to your eating, your work, physical activity choices, beyond ~ it's all connected!
~ elevated self confidence
~ a surprising level of new inner peace
~ little tools & actions steps to gently bring yourself back to center and reground when you start to notice you're feeling off balance
With the Intuitive Talks you'll get:
  • My undivided attention during our 60 minute video calls
  • 2 or 3 personalized recommendations to play with/work with between calls...this allows plenty of time between calls to implement all the little things you are wanting to work on
  • Session notes after every call to save you time and help you get better results
  • Email & messaging access to me to ask questions & celebrate wins! I will answer you within 24 hours.
  • Possible fun gifts in the mail, applicable to what we discussed!
The internal work I've done to consciously become more and more aware that what I eat, how I exercise, treat my body, and what I pay attention to mentally/emotionally/spiritually are ALL connected, literally changed my life in every way.
I've experienced transformations in my life that span everything from improved energy, more balanced moods clear skin, ideal weight for my body, no more constant bloating, healthy digestive system, etc...and an internal sense of balance, peace, self-value, and alignment that I never knew was actually attainable for me.

My life has completely changed for the better since implementing the things that I teach in these calls, and it can do the same for you! If you're ready for an inner sense of balance, peace, ease, & calm, sign up below and let's get started together


$440 for 4 Intuitive Talks

You, your soul, and your inner alignment are worth WAY more than that...To unwrap the things that are keeping you stuck, and release them for good!


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