40 Day Reset Group Program

NOW is the time to FINALLY look at your health and ditch your unhealthy patterns & habits!


40 Day Reset ~ discovering life balance with the love & support of a small group setting

~ Do you know you *should* probably be eating healthier but aren't entirely sure what that even means?
~ Are you totally stuck in a rut with what you generally grab for food, and need help figuring out literally what to eat?
~ Are you tired of worrying & feeling guilty because you know you sacrifice your health & inner peace for your job and your packed schedule?
~ Do you know you could be eating and living MUCH better somehow, but there just isn't time?
~ Would you love to have way less joint & back pain, overall body aches, bloating, overwhelm, worry, stress, etc?
My name is Meghan, and I'm a plant-based Holistic Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a Certified Personal Trainer, a published author, and student of Shamanism.
During this 40 Day Group Health Coaching Program you will have a safe space to talk about ALL of your health & nutrition questions, concerns, goals, wishes, & desires.


Together in our group calls we will:
~ Bring greater awareness to what you eat day in & day out, and take little steps to shift away from imbalanced eating patterns
~ Find small ways to weave some conscious physical activity into your day, adding greater balance to both your mind & body
~ Look inside, check inside, and reconnect on a deeper level with what your heart & body need through self-love practices, deepening your relationship with your natural intuition, and bringing the huge, often neglected internal piece in, to connect the full circle of your life balance.

Welcome to the 40 Day Reset Group!

In the health scene right now, it is a RARE opportunity to have the full support of a Health Coach for 40 days straight, along with the amazing benefits of connection, community, and love that are created in this intimate group setting.

In this Group Health Coaching Program with me, everything we discuss or look at together in our calls will help you lower stress, feel more confident in your body & food choices, and begin to create a desired balance in your life, putting you on the path achieve your health goals.

The results you get will be both internal & external ... and the group members & I are there with you supporting you the entire time, every step of your 40 day journey!

This Program is designed for people:

~ who are aware and feel they could be eating much better or differently & are ready to take some real action steps forward
~ who are ready to commit fully to themselves and to their health
~ who feel they aren't yet ready to commit to a full 1:1 Health Coaching Program, but definitely want the support of a group + weekly live calls to begin on a path to better health by looking at balancing their lives with conscious food choices, physical activity, and connecting within to align more with their worth & purpose.
~ who are open & willing to implement recommendations, and take steps to make overall sustainable eating & lifestyle changes

This Program is NOT for people:

~ looking for a one-size-fits-all or a quick fix diet
~ unwilling or unready to commit to themselves to implement changes in their eating and throughout their whole lives
~ have a serious illness or disease and first need to go seek the advice of a medical doctor
By the end of the 40 days you will have:
~ a new, healthier, life/mood/body-balancing way of eating to kick start your weight loss
~ fun, tasty, easy recipes & cooking methods
~ clear, simple fitness exercises that take very little time & make a noticeable difference, both in your days, and for your physical, mental, & emotional states of being
~ powerful mindset, meditation, & breath work practices that add the missing layers of calm, clarity, and balance to every day
~ a deeper, real sense of self-love that grows with overall life balance
~ you will have put yourself on the path toward your ideal health by having created more of a balance between your personal health, your work, & your life, and you’ll understand how to start living every day more & more on purpose.

Little details of the program:

** the length of this program is 40 Days because that is often how long it takes to manifest something in a focused way **

you will receive...
  • group zoom calls within the 40 days
  • individualized time during each call
  • detailed call notes to help keep you accountable, keep you driven, know that you are heard, supported, and totally capable of doing anything you put your mind to!
  • daily self-love, energy balancing exercises
  • centering, grounding energy (breath)work
  • exercise lives in the private facebook group
  • 3 recipes per week (meal, snack, splurge/treat)
  • a facebook group specifically for these 40 days to have 24/7 support & accountability
  • end of program gift
General overview of the 40 days ~

Together we will …

  • Discover where you feel most out of balance: look at your current mental/emotional/physical awareness + building food awareness
  • Morning time: breakfast & snack foods; morning routine; simple ways to start the day off from a place of balance. 
  • Your midday: lunch foods; learning how to check in & set yourself up right to maintain your energy (& avoid crashes); coming out of the work day stronger & less externally and internally depleted
  • Evenings: dinner foods; creating balance inside & out with the further natural demands of “home” work that is simply part of life; evening/bedtime routine
  • Treating yourself: eating/ordering out foods; discovering how to support all of your conscious great work with eating & not wreck it when eating out; learning how to choose menu food & drink options that help keep you more in balance for what your body needs, and avoid hangovers haha (we’ll look at multiple actual restaurant & bar menus)
  • Exercise: looking at what is and what isn’t working for you, what you like to do for exercise, what you don’t like to do (you don’t have to do that!), and how it can become easily woven into your busy schedule to support your overall health, mood, emotions, spirit, and wellbeing
  • Celebrating wins: noticing wins in having created a lighter mindset; noticing growth in your inner calm, clarity & balance; seeing all of your food & exercise improvements; and diving a bit deeper into internal mental/emotional balance to set you up for continued growth after the program has ended
Life can feel so imbalanced and awful. I felt that way for yeeears, and didn’t reach & exceed my goals until I shifted into basing my self trust, self worth, & inner value on my heart … actually sensing, feeling, & knowing who I am…that’s where the shift happened for me. Learning to hear my highest self, how to listen to my intuition, always living & making decisions from that space.
That’s the place where your eating, weight, relationships, & life can start to really clean up … because it’s all connected!
If you’re tired, and ready to feel confident in your food choices, your body, and actually be on a path where you finally can reach your goals, this group is for you.

My life has completely changed for the better since implementing the things that I teach in these 40 Days, and it can do the same for you! If you're ready to create more balance on your plate as well as in your life, sign up below and let's get started together ~


$800.00 for the 40 Day Reset Group Program


BONUS ~ PAY IN FULL to receive 2 pdfs with my 5 Gulit-Free Eating Recipes + Meal Ideas For Sustainable, Guilt-Free Eating
($150 value!)

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Jenni has much more confidence knowing what to choose in a grocery store, restaurant, & home

"I feel like I have a much better understanding of what to eat to fuel my body and maintain a healthy weight. I have much more confidence knowing what to choose in a grocery store, restaurant, and home. I have also learned not to feel guilty when taking care of my needs and wants. It is ok to take time out and recenter, relax, meditate, or read a book. My clothes are fitting better. My body has more energy. I feel less bloated. My stomach and intestines are much more settled. I'm still working on a morning routine. I'm not going to give up on it. I know it will really help me feel more relaxed and in control of my day to start out in a healthy place physically and mentally."

~ Jenni

Looking forward to working with you!  
I love helping people who feel ready to feel better, dedicated & committed to cleaning up their health! 
Got a question? Feel free to email me at [email protected]  or message me on Instagram @wellness_on_purpose!